Are your properties properly protected?

Security breaches to our homes, offices and other properties can catch us by surprise. These are unforseen and unexpected events that are not only costly but disrupts our day-to-day activities. At the same time, it is not practical for us to constantly fret and worry about the safety of our properties. What we need is reasonable assurance without being complacent or unmindful of potential security risks to our properties.

We, at ProFence, offer security solutions that give you a reasonable measure of assurance that your properties and assets are safe and well-protected. Through our electric fence system, we make sure that your property receives sound and sufficient protection. We have professionals trained in needs assessment, installation and post-installation maintenance with the aim of providing properly tailored security systems that are reliable and conducive to keeping your properties protected from unwanted intrusions.

Electric Fence Accessories And Options

  • Fence Alert

  • Fault Finder

  • Lightning Diverter Kit

  • SMS Alert