Electric Fence

Why Electric Security Fence?

Meeting End-Users Needs

Confidence: Knowing the security system will work reliably - even in difficult locations like remote unmanned sites Knowing it will keep working for years to come, Knowing it is effective and safe.

Technically Advanced: The Electric security fence should be easy to integrate with other security systems such as CCTV, Access Control and Intruders Alarms. The system should be capable of remote control and monitoring and have different communications options - phone line, radio, cellular.

User-friendly: The fence systems should be easy to operate without compromising their security. Fence monitoring and alarm signals should be easy to understand and direct responding agencies to the alarm location.

Cost Effective: Affordable protection - relatively low capital cost even over long distances low maintenance costs, and reduces the cost and administration of security manpower. Extended operating life - systems on remote mountin sites still operational after more than 15 years.

Meeting the Police needs

Deterrent: Most humans are afraid of electricity - that fences are powerful psychological deterrent.

Detection: Unlike mesh and razor wire electric fencing can detect an intrusions on the fence line. Short or cut a wire and alarm will sound.

Delay: Breaching an electric security fence requires time with early warning from the alarms responding agencies have a better chance of intercepting the intruder.

Electric Fence Products Gallery

  • EMX Energizer Monitor