ProSafe Accessories

The LS-30 or Wireless Home Security & Control System includes a full range of accessories, so you can customize many feature of your security system.

All the radio transmitters used in the LS-30 system, except the Remote Controller, have a unique random code that is set by the factory.Also with special designed transmission timing control, the LS-30 system can effectively prevent mutual interference from other transmitters in the system. The Remote Controller uses copy-preventing hopping-code technology, changing its radio code every time you press the button. The combinations possible through this hopping-code are up to 7.3 x 1019. To comply with the regulations in most countries, radio power is limited to below 10mW and effective range is about 100 meters measured at open field. The range may be somewhat less indoors, depending on the layout of building construction and furniture.

You may enroll all the wireless accessories and change their related settings through the guidance of the interactive LCD display on the Base Unit.

Prosafe Accessories List

  • Flood Detector
  • Gas Leakage Detector
  • Glass Break Detector
  • Magnetic Contact Transmitter
  • PIR Motion Detector
  • Remote Controller
  • Repeater
  • Smoke Detector
  • Temperature Senso